Aerial Surveys and Inspections

Roof problems can be a real nightmare, especially getting access to them. Whether it's loose roof tiles or flashing on a chimney top, scaffolding prices can be very expensive. Drones may be your solution to finding the source of the problem.

Drones for Surveys and Inspections

Drones are now replacing cherry pickers and scaffolding for inspecting roofs and tall buildings. They can also provide ground surveys for an increasing number of applications. This is due to the lower costs of using drones for surveying and the reduced risk of not requiring staff to work at heights.
Steady Hawk's Unmanned Drones have the ability to fly close to buildings, and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost effective. We can provide detailed high definition pictures of buildings and structures where access towers, cherry pickers and scaffold may not be viable.
We can offer a quick solution to investigating an area that needs to be inspected. We can liaise with the client on the ground ensuring that all areas of concern are inspected. The client or surveyor is able to see what the camera is seeing via a real time HD downlink, with more detailed results available once the Drone has landed.
Steady Hawk's Unmanned Aerial Photography Drones allow surveyors to see signs of damage in most high level areas.


Exeter Eco Home Aerial Survey
Chimney Inspection
  • High Definition Evidence of Defects
  • Cost Effective
  • Post Contract inspection and snagging for effective contract retention and completion
  • Shared inspection data for effective analysis by off site surveyors, architects or technical specialist in remote locations
  • Safer means to reducing the risk of working at height
  • Reduces the requirement for scaffolding or access equipment at point of survey and inspection
  • Minimal disruption to daily business work flow for site owners
Aerial Surveys and Inspections with drones
​With an ever increasing drive to reduce costs within the modern business environment, Drone inspection systems offer an extremely cost effective solution. Delivering savings in professional labor costs, access equipment hire and limiting risks.
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